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I create art, both, as a form of therapy and as a creative outlet for my mind. As a latch key kid who grew up in rural Oklahoma, it was my imagination and my adventuring through the vast open pastures of unclaimed land that kept me entertained. As an adult, I am still amused by the sheer beauty of my surroundings; their complexity and the simple elegance that exists in every aspect of it. I find myself equally enamored with the human experience and our relationship with that which surrounds us. Slightly obsessive, I’m compelled to observe and therein lies the root of my creativity. Those observations and experiences subconsciously drive my work, more often than not, unveiling their familiarity as they come into fruition.


I have worked in an array of media, and accordingly consider myself a mixed media artist with a primary focus in printmaking; a methodical process which I find absolutely stimulating. When my mind needs a vacation from the etching press it is not uncommon to find me in the studio indulging in my first artistic loves of painting or playing in clay. I create my series’ works in the media which best suites my ability to express and emote what is intended. Every decision in my creative method is systematic; even when I choose to be spontaneous. Iapproach my work like a puzzle in order to create fluidity using regularly occurring memes as metaphors. I am an expressionist and story teller at heart. I take my observations, experiences and memories and I tell their stories in a new light; that they can be discovered anew.

  General Artist Statement  

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